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Diamonds In Hip-Hop

As the attractive lure of diamonds have transgressed all over gender and social boundaries, so has the symbol of the diamond shifted from being a trophy for a trophy wife, to a symbol of truly making it the American way. To climb from the bottom of the pit to the top of the ladder with nothing else than your two bare hands and an iron will.

Or, as 50 Cent has put it: to get rich or die trying.

The Real Hip Hop Jewelry

When it comes to the brass show-off social structure of competitive hip hop, there is no room for modesty. Special stores has popped up like late-autumn mushrooms everywhere and they are all well aware of what their costumers are looking for: excessive bling.

Like 18 carats black diamond guns, or a pirate of the Caribbean skull studded with the tantalizing sparks of valuable carats. Or a heavy superman pendant to dangle across the chest to your oversized t-shirt.

Mouth Accessories

In fact, the precious jewelry is such an important part of any hip hop acts claim for authenticity and success, the use of it is no longer confined to be on the outside of you body. To pimp those rows of pearly white’s has become an increasingly popular idea, with jewelry stores solely devoted to the service of their rapping clients offering a variety of options when it comes to literary putting your money where your mouth is.

You can just choose to go for the bottom part if you want to try it on for kicks, or you can jump on in and go for the whole package, enhancing the market value of your million dollar smile to at least three times that amount. You could even let people buy stock with your teeth as the ground asset.

The History Of Hip Hop Is The History Of Bling

In the early eighties, as hip hop started to gain an increasingly growing audience with acts like Slick Rick, to be followed by multi-billion sellers like Run DMC and LL Cool J, the fight for success was always an equally important ingredient to the public persona as the music in itself.

The harder the hero’s journey, the more massive was their impact on young kids who had almost lost hope in the possibility of attaining the American dream. But the trials and tribulations of the artists wasn’t for show, and with hip hop in all ways of the field being an extremely extrovert form of expression, so was the accessories it chose for manifestation.

And with “battles” as a musical core, the name of the game has always been to outdo your opponent, to win in whatever it is you are competing in. Sell more records, do more shows, buy a bigger house. With that, the rising demand for over the top diamonds shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign of bad taste, and not as an important piece to support your place in the hierarchy.

This article is about the importance of diamonds in hip hop.

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