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Books – A Great Gift For the One You Love

Books are a perfect gift for persons of any age – you just need to choose depending on person’s taste. It usually goes a long way in respecting the recipients’ intelligence and good taste when you give the right book. Books are an all time favorite with most people especially with book lovers and you [...]

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Japanese Akoya Pearls Or Chinese Akoya Pearls

So it’s kind of a moot point anymore, and Japan still controls the akoya pearl market, even though not from the pearl farm up, but by being the largest purchaser of Chinese Akoya pearls, Japan is still the king of akoya pearls. And if you bought an akoya pearl necklace within the last 10 years, [...]

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Designer Sunglasses Buying Guide

In the modern day, we’ve taken the basic accessory – sunglasses – and done more with it than ever imaginable. Sunglasses are worn all year round now and are no longer used just to protect your eyes. In fact, what sunglasses you wear is a fashion statement. It tells people about you, so you’ll want [...]

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Unique Gift Ideas

So a special occasion is coming up and you want something very special maybe something that is very unique and special for that person. First start off by thinking of the person the gift is for; what do they like to do in their free time? What are their hobbies? Anything they like or do [...]

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How to Wear Beautiful Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls have become the way to go when it comes to wearing pearl jewelry. It is always nice to have wonderful and beautiful natural pearls that you can wear to special occasions like weddings and glamorous parties. Some women mistake the fact that pearls are just for that – special occasions. The thing [...]

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